Perfect Hair Vitamins PLUS - For Men - 60 tabs
NouriTress Perfect Hair Vitamins+ FOR MEN was designed to prevent hair loss and thinning in men whose follicles are still producing hair. Specially formulated with the herb Saw Palmetto (an herb that has been shown to be an effective anti-androgen),...
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Stimulating Scalp Shampoo - For Men - 8oz.
RECOMMENDED FOR ALL HAIR TYPES NouriTress Stimulating Scalp Shampoo for MEN, is a hair & scalp therapy treatment shampoo with a unique therapeutic formula designed to deep cleanse both hair and scalp. Formulated with Camphor, Stimulating Scalp Shampoo promotes growth,...
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Leave In Therapy Conditioner- For Men - 8oz.
RECOMMENDED FOR ALL HAIR TYPES NouriTress Perfect Hair Leave In Therapy Conditioner FOR MEN helps encourage new hair growth. It smoothes the damaged hair shaft and seals the cuticle for easy tangle free combing. It repairs, restructures, and re-bonds the...
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Shea Butter Hair Moisturizer - For Men - 5.5oz.
RECOMMENDED FOR NATURAL, TIGHT & OVERLY CURLY ETHNIC HAIR NouriTress Perfect Hair Shea Butter Hair Moisturizer FOR MEN is a non-oily, light hair & scalp Cream with African Shea Butter that moisturizes the hair & scalp and gives sheen to...
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Hair Follicle Therapy
RECOMMENDED FOR ALL HAIR TYPES NouriTress Perfect Hair Follicle Therapy is a leave-in treatment that lets you feel the POWER of healthy hair at the root. Your scalp will feel the tingle as the ingredient Pepperment Oil invigorates the root...
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Men's Hair Growth Kit
NOURITRESS MEN’s HAIR GROWTH KIT is a great buy for a man looking for the total hair and scalp rejuvenation experience. Includes Your Choice Of: Perfect Hair Vitamins PLUS for Men Perfect Hair Stimulating Scalp Shampoo FOR MEN Perfect Hair...
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Hair Building Fibers
Make It Fuller Hair Building Fibers is made with all natural ingredients, to give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Make It Fuller Hair Fibers is different from similar products because our Proprietary Advanced Formula is designed to mimic the texture of...
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Make It Fuller Fiber Lock Spray
Make It Fuller Fiber Lock Spray is a soft fine mist designed to lock in the adherence between the Make It Fuller Hair Building Fibers and your own hair. This innovative formulated technology allows a stronger adherence for increased wear...
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