Hair Follicle Therapy Serum
 A lightweight, leave-in treatment designed to rejuvenate your hair from the root. Our salon formulated solution targets the hair follicles, helping to speed up the growth process and maintain healthy hair. Perfect for individuals experiencing hair thinning, loss, or simply seeking a boost in hair...
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Edge Repair Follicle Treatment Intensive Night Drops
NouriTress Edge Repair Follicle Treatment Intensive Night Drops is a revolutionary hair care solution specifically designed to target and rejuvenate weakened and thinning edges and crown area. This advanced salon formula, is infused with a clinically proven blend of nourishing...
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Stop Shedding Protein Conditioner - 4oz.
Are you tired of dealing with excessive hair shedding and breakage? Say goodbye to those worries with NouriTress Stop Shedding Protein Conditioner, your trusted partner in achieving stronger, thicker strands. This luxurious conditioner is specially formulated to target and combat...
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4 pc. Hair Growth Starter Treatment System
NouriTress Hair Growth 4-Piece Starter Treatment System is your ultimate solution for achieving gorgeous, healthy hair that radiate confidence and vitality. Say goodbye to thinning, brittle hair and embrace a new era of hair rejuvenation. Benefits: Strengthen: The key to a successful...
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Edge Repair Follicle Treatment System for Natural Hair
RECOMMENDED FOR NATURAL HAIR Our Edge Repair Follicle Treatment Complete System is designed to aid in the regrowth of damaged edges. This System consists of 5 specialized hair repair treatments to restart growth and restore edges damaged by: Wearing braids Weaves...
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Dry Itchy Scalp Rejuvenation System
Our Dry Itchy Scalp Rejuvenation System is specifically designed to assist with relief from the itchiness and flakiness caused by dry scalp and seborrheic dermatitis. It can help soothe and rehydrate the hair and scalp. For optimal results, shampoo your...
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